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Past milestones

In the past decade, the renewed interest for neuromorphic chips has awakened big players such as IBM with its TrueNorth chip, QualComm with the Zeroth chip, and more (see market report). Their periodic mediatic campaigns are getting everyone accustomed to the fact that brain-like chips are coming to the market, but where are these chips? And to whom will they be accessible?

 “Of the Illusions of AI“, an objective review from the 80’s til today by Luca Marchese.

  • 1987: Darpa publishes a Neural Network Study concluding that neural network has matured greatly since the Perceptron of the 50’s, but hardware capabilities are limiting its development.
  • 1993: The ZISC chip was invented by Guy Paillet, our CEO, and jointly developed with IBM-France, at the same time as the joint venture between Nestor and Intel was working on the NI1000 chip. The ZISC had 36 neurons and later 78 neurons.
  • 2007: General Vision designs and releases the CM1K chip, successor of the ZISC, featuring 1024 neurons. Read more>>
  • Prestigious universities and laboratories are designing neuromorphic chips such as the MIT, Stanford, GorgiaTech, and more, but again when will they be available to the public? how easy to use?
  • 2011: General Vision starts marketing and licensing the technology under the NeuroMem tradename (i.e. Neuromorphic Memories)
  • It seems that today, the only neuromorphic and neural network chips commercially available are NeuroMem Smart chips:

1 Million of neurons on a tabletop