CurieNeurons Library

Unleash the neurons of the Intel QuarkSE processor

The Intel QuarkSE processor features a Pattern Recogniton Accelerator composed of 128 NeuroMem neurons.

Our CurieNeurons library was originally designed to give access to the neurons of the Intel Curie module combining the QuarkSE with a 6-axis accelerometer/gyro and Bluetooth LE.

The Curie module was unfortunately discontinued by Intel in July 2017, but nevertheles, the CurieNeurons library can be used to unleash the NeuroMem neurons of the QuarkSE C1000 for real-time learning and classification.




  • Learn and recognize patterns extracted from single or multiple sensors
  • Classify patterns, Detect novelties and anomalies
  • Load neurons with canned knowledge or teach them in real-time
  • Arduino examples for the Curie IMU module and ArduCam camera

Supported hardware: