CurieNeurons Library

Unleash the neurons of the Intel Curie module

The Intel Curie module features a 6-axis accelerometer/gyro, Bluetooth LE and a QuarkSE SOC with 128 NeuroMem neurons ready to learn and recognize patterns in real-time while developing with the user-friendly Arduino IDE. Read more…


  1. Option #1: Get the DFRobot CurieNeurons Kit featuring our CurieNeurons library
  2. Option #2: Get an Arduino/Genuino 101, or a CurieNano and purchase our CurieNeurons library
  3. Have fun teaching the neurons what you want to recognize
  4. View tutorials from Maker Collider

CurieNeurons Library

Get full access to the neurons of the Curie module

  • Learn motion and signals from other sensors on the go
  • Recognize them immediately
  • Deploy application swith multiple sensors and context awareness
  • New example interfacing to the ArduCAM camera