Reference designs

with NeuroMem inside


NeuroTile is the smallest sensory hub capable of real time machine learning. Based on a STM32 microcontroller and a NeuroMem neural network, it can monitor signals coming from its 3D accelerometer and gyro, a magnetometer and microphone. You can configure the learning and recognition engine from a file stored on its micro SD card or through a Blue Tooth communication. NeuroTile is delivered with a library compatible with the Arduino IDE and Eclipse.


The NeuroStamp is a powerful learning and inference engine with the size of a stamp and ready to learn and recognize patterns from images, time series, and other data. It features a bank of 4032 neurons (7 NM500 chips) consuming less energy and with less complexity than microprocessors. The neurons are accessed through simple SPI protocol, but additional communication and processing logic can be loaded in the FPGA.