NeuroShield SDK for Windows


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Software Development Kit for the NeuroShield board (board is not included)

(1) Software and drivers for use as a shield with SPI interface to Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other microcontrollers;

  • Arduino libraries and examples
  • Python examples for Rapsberry Pi
  • C/C++ library and examples
  • Read details

(2)  Software and drivers for use as a USB device connected to a PC running Windows

  • USB driver for the NeuroShield
  • NeuroMem console
  • NeuroMem Knowledge Builder software for NeuroShield
  • CogniPat SDK for Windows with examples in C/C++, C#, Pyhton and MatLab

(*) If you prefer to trade the standard CogniPat SDK with the CogniPat SDK for MatLab or LabView, please contact us.