Products with NeuroMem inside

NT Adaptive Controller

The NT Adaptive is an industrial device incorporating a microcontroller ARM M4, a NeuroMem neural network, power sources DC/DC, FLASH memory, real time clock, Ethernet port, USB 2.0 port, and LED indication of the status and ongoing processes. Exchange with the NeuroMem network can be carried out either via the serial bus I2C or parallel data bus, 25 lines.

NeuroShield, Brilliant, Prodigy

nepes has designed multiple products using its NM500 chip for edge intelligence and pattern learning and recognition. The product line ranges from Arduino shield boards, as well as USB key and devices including a smart camera.


QuickAI HDK Platform is an ultra-low power programmable module for always-on voice and sensor processing. It features the QuickLogic EOS chip interfaced to 2 NM500 chips totalling 1152 NeuroMem neurons, as well as embedded software, and algorithms for embedded AI at the end point device.

CompactRIO® cartridge

The CompactRIO® cartridge for National Instruments® platform contains 1024 NeuroMem neurons ready to learn and recognize patterns derived from a variety of instruments, sensors and cameras. Patterns and resulting classification responses are transferred through the cartridge backplane connector.