With the new NeuroShield HDK for the ZYNQ7000 SOC, developers can easily integrate real-time pattern learning and recognition into their applications using the software programmability of an ARM®-based processor and/or the hardware programmability of an FPGA.

Real-time AI and ML is within reach by simply plugging a NeuroShield board on a compatible ZYNQ development board. Video, audio and other sensory inputs can be acquired, formatted, learned and immediately recognized. Decision can be taken on-board to control an actuator, store or transmit data of interest. Sensor hub, communication, IOs and UI can be handle by the ARM and/or FPGA, while the NeuroMem neurons are ready to learn upon the push buttons or other external events and to continuously report what they recognize from a single or multiple sensory inputs. The NeuroMem neurons also be used to report cases of “unknown” which is the information of interest for applications monitoring novelties or anomalies.

Provided that the development board features an SD card, the knowledge of the neurons can be saved, loaded and exported to other “NeuroMem Smart” platforms. Knowledge files are compatible with the General Vision NeuroMem Knowledge Builder and SDKs.

Currently supported platforms:

  • Digilent Arty Z7 (switches & leds, Gige, HDMI, audio, pmods, SD card, etc)
  • Avnet MiniZed (switches & leds, wifi, pmods, etc)
  • HDK comes with VIvado and SDK projects and can be easily updated to support other ZYNQ7000 development boards.


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