New NeuroShield HDK for ZYNQ7000 SOC

New NeuroShield HDK for ZYNQ7000 SOC

With the new NeuroShield HDK for the ZYNQ7000 SOC, developers can easily integrate real-time pattern learning and recognition into their applications using the software programmability of an ARM®-based processor and/or the hardware programmability of an FPGA. The...

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“Why use RBF rather than DL in industrial IOT”

“Why use RBF rather than DL in industrial IOT”

What are the key differences between Deep Learning and RBF-based solutions? Local vs Remote learning, Additive learning vs Forget-and-Learn-from-scratch learning, Predictable recognition latency, Knowledge Traceability... Philippe Lambinet, president of Cogito...

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NeuroMem is yet another brain-inspired chip, but it is shipping

In today’s landscape of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and its numerous inference engines are monopolizing the front stage, but other technologies have essential benefits such as field training and real-time adaptivity, novelty detection, learning causality...

“More AI at the endpoints.”

"The battery-powered and power-sensitive devices at the IoT’s endpoints are the targets of QuickLogic’s  recently launched AI initiative." Read the Q&A with Brian Faith, QuickLogic in the Embedded Systems Engineering.  

Saving lives and securing the future with AI chip

Asia Tech News: Read the latest article from Prof. Suri, technical advisor at General Vision. "Artificial Intelligence is helping security and medicine become more efficient through the use of pattern recognition and improved applications of neural processing locally...

Quick AI webcast with QuickLogic, nepes and SensiML

Santa Clara - General Vision was pleased to participate to a webcast organized by QuickLogic on AI Ecosystem, along with nepes, manufacturer of the NM500, and SensiML, developer of smart sensor algorithms. During his speech, Guy Paillet emphasized the synergy between...

NM500 inspecting coffee beans

Oceanit uses the NM500 chip to Win Hawaii’s First Annual ‘AGathon’. A Raspberry PI equipped with NeuroShield and RaspiCam optimizing the harvest of ripe coffee beans. Watch the movie.