NeuroMem in the news

“More AI at the endpoints.”

"The battery-powered and power-sensitive devices at the IoT’s endpoints are the targets of QuickLogic’s  recently launched AI initiative." Read the Q&A with Brian Faith, QuickLogic in the Embedded Systems Engineering.  

NM 500 chip and tools

NM500, the smallest neuromorphic chip is available now from nepes. Conveniently packaged in a wafer scale package, it delivers 120,000 pattern recognitions per second for less than 125 mW. The first evaluation board is an Arduino shield, NeuroShield, featuring one...

First training event in Singapore

NeuroMem Technologies held its first 2-day training event on the NeuroMem technology in Singapore gathering over 45 attendees from Singapore, China, Taiwan, Indoa and more. This event will help kick start over a dozen of Proof Of Concept based on the CM1K or new NM500...

DF Robot CurieNeurons Kit is shipping

The DF Robot CurieNeurons Kit is a ready-to-use toolbox for makers of all levels who want to have a shot at building artificial intelligence related IoT projects. It enables users to build smart hardware capable of pattern learning and classification without a single...