Release date is schedule for Q3 2020 Available for Preordering

NeuroTile is the first the Real Time Machine Learning  AI unit fielded on the market, It combines both Cognitive Sensing and Cognitive Storage on the same “stamp size device” Its architecture includes STM32 ARM CORTEX M4 RISC (low power) Up to two ZISC NM500 (1152 silicon neurons ) featuring General Vision NeuroMem
Micro SD Card on the back: up to 1 TeraBytes
Low power Blue Tooth: ST Blue NRG1
3D accelerometer., 3D Gyro, 3D magnetometer, barometer, microphone (MEMS)
Arduino compatible IDE and additional libraries (C, Python)
Software: NeuroTile Lib by GV (Arduino IDE and Eclipse) and NeuroMem Knowledge Builder

Download datasheet.