Because Intelligence is about Memory, we bring you NeuroMem



Dynamic learning on the chip. Real-time addition of new categories. Built-in excitation/inhibition.


Recognize patterns in micro-seconds regardless of the number of models stored in the neurons.

Energy Efficient

>100K recognitions per second at 27Mhz. Less than 300 milliWatts per 1000 neurons.

Available NOW

Available on ASICs, SOCs, and FPGAs and can be evaluated on a variety of platforms

Digital neurons inspired by biology

  • All interconnected and working in parallel following a Winner-Takes-All collective behavior
  • Recognize and learn a pattern in a constant time regardless of the number of neurons committed in the chip
  • Behave collectively as  a KNN (K-Nearest Neighbor) or RBF classifier (Radial Basis Function).
  • Cope with ill-defined and fuzzy data, high variability of context and novelty detection.
  • Multiple NeuroMem chips can be daisy-chained to scale a network from 1000s to millions of neurons with the same speed and simplicity of operation as a single chip.
  • Amazingly simple to deploy