NeuroMem neuromorphic chip

Digital neurons inspired by biology Presentation
  • Identical neuron cells combining memory and processing. Content reactive. No addressing.
  • All interconnected and working in parallel. Patented Winner-Takes-All collective behavior
  • Behave collectively as  a KNN (K-Nearest Neighbor) or RBF classifier (Radial Basis Function).
  • Dynamic learning. Real-time addition of new categories. Built-in excitation/inhibition. No supervisor
  • Deterministic latencies to learn and recognize regardless of the number of neurons committed in the chip
  • Can be organized dynamically into mutiple contexts
  • Multiple NeuroMem chips can be daisy-chained to scale a network from 1000s to millions of neurons with the same speed and simplicity of operation as a single chip.

NeuroMem at work in multiple chips…

NeuroMem ICs and IPs

NeuroMem®, because Intelligence is about Memory

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