Release date is schedule for Q1, 2019
NeuroTile is a unique combination of sensors, microcontroller, FPGA and a NeuroMem® network in a miniature module perfect for wearable and low-power IoT applications.

Thanks to a its network of NM500 chips, sensors’ signal can be collected and matched with expected data on the module, so decision can be taken immediately. Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) transmission can occur only when an event of interest is detected. Storage of the data on the SD card can become selective too. The NeuroMem network is trainable on-the-go or off-line. The multiplicity of onboard sensors including accelerometer, gyroscope, pressure, and audio allows you to create plenty of imaginative projects for wearable, home and building automation and IOT smart things.

NeuroTile can be programmed using the Arduino IDE or the ST development tools for the STM32.

Download datasheet.