NeuroMem neural network as an Shield or a USB extension Buy now

NeuroShield can be connected to a PC through USB so you can access the neurons from our NeuroMem Knowledge Builder software and develop your own applications using our CogniPat SDKs.

New NeuroShield HDK for ZYNQ development boards.

  • NeuroShield embedded system file for ZYNQ7000 SOCs integrating an SPI interface to the neurons (*.hd file) for the platforms listed below
  • Simple standalone project including the NeuroMem API in C/C++ and a simple script generating patterns programmatically and demonstrating how to teach the neurons and query them for classification, save and restore the knowledge that they build.
  • Complete Vivado project (** optional use to adapt to your own ZYNQ platform; version 2018.3)

NeuroShield is a product of nepes (Korea).