NeuroShield for your Arduino, Raspberry PI and other projects

NeuroShield is a shield board featuring the NM500 chip with 576 neurons ready to learn and recognize stimuli extracted from any type of sensors including IMU, audio, environmental sensors, bio-signal, video and more.

NeuroShield is a product of nepes (Korea).


  • NM500 chip (576 neurons), expandable by stacking up to 3 NeuroBrick modules
  • SD card slot to save and restore the knowledge built by the neurons, collect data, etc
  • 6-axis Motion Sensor (InvenSense PMU6050)
  • Connectivity: Arduino connectors, USB_C connector
  • Power source through Arduino connector or micro USB
  • Getting Started…


Arduino and Python librairies

Our  Arduino library to teach the neurons in real time or from saved knowledge files, and start monitoring immediately. The library allows saving data files and project files in a format compatible with our Knowledge Builder tools and SDKs.

  • Academic scripts to understand how easily you can teach the neurons and query them for simple recognition status, or a best match, or a detailed classification of the K nearest neurons.
  • Motion recognition examples using the on-board IMU from Invensense (MPU6050) and the IMU from the Arduino101.
  • Video recognition examples using an ArduCAM shield.


PC-based tools

NeuroShield as a USB device

NeuroShield can be connected to a PC through USB so you can access the neurons from our Knowledge Builder software or develop your own applications using our standard API or SDKs. Read more about our NeuroShield Kit for Windows