CogniSight engines

powered by NeuroMem NN Presentation


Pass/Fail, grade quality, locate defects, etc.


Parts, faces, silhouettes, etc.


People, cars, cells under a microscope, etc.


Wafer inspection, QC of printed materials, etc.


Our CogniSight SDKs let you deploy NeuroMem neural networks to learn and recognize your images and videos. You have a choice between our standard SDK or the ones specifically targeted for MatLab and LabVIEW.

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Our CogniPat SDKs are more generic and let you deploy NeuroMem neural networks to learn and recognize patterns extrcated from any data sources, including images.

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  • Identification
  • Classification
  • Novelty detection
  • Anomaly detection
  • Image contextual segmentation
  • Tracking with reinforced learning as the target changes
  • Stereoscopic distance evaluation
  • Edge detection
  • Noise removal
  • Image compression


Supervised training
  • From annotations made by domain experts on collection of reference images
  • From live interrupts triggered by an operator
Non supervision training
  • To re-inforce a knowledge getting less confident
  • To synchronize knowledge between stereoscopic engines
  • To build a dictionnary of viewlets describing reference images for compression or segmentation
  • To build a reactive image memory frame
Train multiple networks to make more robust decision
  • Experts can be trained to be redundant to minimize false positive
  • Experts can be trained to be complementary to waive uncertainties wisely
Multiplicity of outputs
  • List of identified objects (location, recognized categories, confidence levels)
  • Transform images (maps of categories and confidence)