nepes is a Korean service provider of semiconductor assembly materials and leader in total flip chip package solutions (Bump,Test & Wafer Level Package). In 2017, nepes manufactured the NM500 designed by General Vision and licensed exclusively to nepes. nepes Future AI business unit is in charge of the sales and marketing of the NM500 and its evaluation tools.

Quick Logic

QuickLogic offers ultra-low power customer programmable SoC, embedded software, and algorithms for always-on voice and sensor processing. Last May, the company released a QuickAI HDK Platform featuring its EOS chip interfaced to the NM500 neuromorphic chip for embedded AI at the end point device.

Cogito Instruments

Cogito Instruments offers a full range of NeuroMem-based products, compatible with National Instruments’ embedded platforms. Its CompactRIO cartridges and SOM modules gives industrial machines the ability to learn and recognize patterns. Cogito focus on Industry 4.0 applications such as industrial Inspection, condition based monitoring, predictive maintenance and robotics.


UAB Neurotechnologijos offers an NТ Industrial Automation system for solving problems of recognition of signals and images. The NT Industrial Automation hardware is composed of Adaptive Controllers each featuring NeuroMem networks for the learning and classification of patterns. The software part consists in specialised software for the retrieval of data from any MES system.

Maker Collider

Maker Collider is Intel’s business partner for developing maker community in China. It is dedicated in helping our partners to build maker spaces, providing advanced open-source tools for making smart devices, supporting innovative maker projects, helping them go crowd-funding, and eventually connecting them to industry. Learn about success stories on youtube.