Scientific Advisors

Dr. Manan Suri

Manan is a visionary Hi-Tech R&D Professional and Entrepreneur. He earned his Phd in Neuromorphic Computing and Nanotechnology at the CEA in France (2013) and is now professor at the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi in the Electrical Engineering Dept. Manan has an extensive experience of the NeuroMem hardware in diverse applications.

Read Dr. Suri latest article about NeuroMem in the Asia Pacific Biotech News.

Stephane Gervais-Ducouret

Stephane brings us his experience in international business development for new products and services, but also strategic innovation in business model, partnership, R&D and technologies outcome. Stephane is General Manager at Lacroix Group and has served previously as Global Marketing Director at Freescale and Infineon, and SoC Technologist and Marketing Manager at ST Microelectronics.


Dr. Randal Koene

Randal is neuroscientist and neuroengineer, and co-founder of He presently works at Kernel, a human intelligence company to develop the world’s first neuroprosthesis for cognition.

Randal has professional expertise in computational neuroscience, psychology, information theory, electrical engineering and physics. He organizes neural engineering efforts to obtain and replicate function and structure information that resides in the neural substrate for use in neuroprostheses and neural interfaces.

Marc Maman

Marc brings us over 30 years experience in executive management, corporate strategy, and World Wide Sales. Marc served as Key Account and Distribution Director for Great China at ST Microelectronics, and later as Regional Vice President in Shangai.