General Vision is the inventor of NeuroMem®, a neural network technology on silicon and an essential enabler for practical articifial vision, but also artificial intelligence in other domains including IOT and data analytics.

  • Practical because it is both a learning and inference engine on a same chip
  • Practical because it is low-power and highly scalable

The NeuroMem chips are sucessors of the ZISC developped in 1993 by Guy Paillet, CEO and President of General Vision, and IBM France ( >>ReadMore) .

General Vision is now nurturing 2 NeuroMem® Smart technologies:

  • CogniSight, image recognition chips and modules based on NeuroMem networks and with applications in industrial and consumer cameras, stereoscopic and hyperspectral systems, DVRs, etc.
  • IntelliGlass, or Monolithic Image Perception Device combining CogniSight chips into a glass to produce perceptive glass modules and surfaces.