Who we are…

  • Established in 1987
  • Promoting the NeuroMem® technology since 1999
  • Committed to make NeuroMem pervasive in artificial vision
  • Intellectual Property
    • NeuroMem® IP for ASIC (licensed to Intel in 2011)
    • NeuroMem® IP for FPGA (licensed to Indian DOD/ANURAG in 2012)
    • GDSII of the NM500 chip (licensed to nepes in 2017)
  • Patents
  • Hardware
    • CM1K chip (General Vision’s own tapeout of NeuroMem IP in 2008, end of life)
    • Quark SE (inside MEMS module CURIE) produced by INTEL under General Vision License
    • NM500 (Manufactured by NEPES Korea under General Visiion License)
    • NeuroMem FTGA(tm) (Field Trainable Gate Area) for Xilinx families

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