Artificial Vision

with NeuroMem neuromorphic chips

Announcing the Gold Winning development platform for IOT AI, featuring Nepes NeuroShield connected to the Samsung Artik™, powered by the NeuroMem NM500. 

NeuroShield, AI extension for the Samsung Artik family

Powered by the NeuroMem NM500 chip, your IOT devices can learn signals and images from examples (taught with or without supervision), recognize events and situations based on single sensor or sensor fusion, and make decisions and actuations immediately at low-power.

NeuroShield for your Arduino and Mbed projects

NeuroShield, pattern learning and recognition accelerator for your PC

Intelligent IOT devices require low-power self-learning AI technology. This is why General Vision uses exclusively the NeuroMem® digital neuromorphic chips for pattern learning and recognition.