Home of the NeuroMem Technology

Neuromorphic IP and ICs

Unique parallel architecture

Learning and Inference on the same chip

Low-power, scalable

Manufactured proven, Field proven

Recognition at the edge

Always On monitoring

Identification and classification

Anomaly / Novelty detection

Learning at the Edge

Real-time incremental learning

Unknown and Uncertainty detection

No dependency to cloud access

Knowledge Traceability & Portability

New products

  • NeuroTile and NeuroStamp
  • AI modules for IOT and data analytics
  • Real-time recognition
  • Life long learning at the edge


A Fine Balance

Between Shallow Learning…

  • Preprocessing
  • Segmentation
  • Morphology transformations
  • Complex and specific features
  • Final classification

… and Deep Learning

  • No feature extractions
  • Numerous layers of neural network
  • Separate learning and inference engines
  • Compute intensive hardware
  • Simple feature extractions
  • Parallel expandable architecture
  • Real-time life long learning on the chip
  • Deterministic recognition latencies

Toy story

A toy with eyesight and a brain

Trained to recognize shapes and color, Always on recognition, battery operated!

Fish story

NeuroMem Smart cameras are inspecting fishes since 2003,

trained off-shore by the fishermen

Other applications

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