Artificial Vision

with NeuroMem neuromorphic chips

Bring intelligence at the edge with the NM500 neuromorphic chip

  • Always On intelligence

  • Identification and classification

  • Anomaly / Novelty detection

  • Learning On The Go

  • No dependency to internet access

  • Knowledge Traceability & Portability

More than 50 NeuroMem Smart systems, some in continuous operation since 2003, saving US$2M per boat, trained by the fishermen (No cloud access)

Featured Products

NeuroShield for your Arduino, Raspberry PI and other projects

NeuroShield as a USB device

  • Add learning and decision making to your sensors
  • Interface to your favorite microcontroller through SPI
  • Drivers for Arduino, Mbed, Python

  • Accelerate your data analytics
  • High speed learning, classification, novelty detection, etc.
  • Choice of tools: C/C++, C#, MatLab, LabVIEW

Running out of neurons?     Plug-in NeuroBricks, and resume teaching


Featured Application

A toy with eyesight and a brain

Trained to recognize shapes and color, Always on recognition, battery operated!


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