Artificial Vision

with NeuroMem neuromorphic chips

Life Long Learning, a given for the NeuroMem AI chip

More than 50 NeuroMem Smart systems, some in continuous operation since 2003, saving US$2M per boat, trained in deep sea waters by Nordic fishermen (No cloud access)

NeuroMem chip brings intelligence at the edge

Image to Speech demo, battery operated, real-time learning of flash cards, no software

  • Always On intelligence

  • Identification and classification

  • Anomaly / Novelty detection

  • Learning On The Go

  • Close loop sensor control

  • Sensor fusion

  • No dependency to cloud

  • Knowledge Traceability & Portability

  • Selective transmission and storage

Oceanit uses the NM500 chip to Win Hawaii’s First Annual ‘AGathon’

Watch a Raspberry PI equipped with a NeuroShield and RaspiCam helping optimize the harvest of ripe coffee beans.


IP & Chips


Evaluation boards