CurieNeurons Library

Unleash the neurons of the Intel Curie module

The Intel Curie module features a 6-axis accelerometer/gyro, Bluetooth LE and a QuarkSE SOC with 128 NeuroMem neurons ready to learn and recognize patterns in real-time while developing with the user-friendly Arduino IDE. Read more…


  1. Option #1: Get the DFRobot CurieNeurons Kit featuring our CurieNeurons library
  2. Option #2: Get an Arduino/Genuino 101, or a CurieNano and purchase our CurieNeurons library
  3. Have fun teaching the neurons what you want to recognize
  4. View tutorials from Maker Collider

CurieNeurons Library – only $19

Get full access to the neurons of the Curie module

  • Learn motion and signals from other sensors on the go
  • Recognize them immediately
  • Deploy application swith multiple sensors and context awareness
  • New example interfacing to the ArduCAM camera