CurieNeurons Librairies for the Arduino/Genuino 101

Unleash the power of the 128 neurons of the Intel Curie module for learning and recognition

The Intel Arduino/Genuino 101 is a learning and development board that delivers the performance and low-power consumption of the Intel® Curie module at an entry-level price. This board keeps the same form factor and peripheral list of the UNO with the addition of onboard Bluetooth LE capabilities, a 6-axis accelerometer/gyro and a QuarkSE core with 128 NeuroMem neurons.

Our CurieNeurons Libraries will let you design smart IOT devices with the simplicity of Arduino IDE.

Knowledge Builder Suites

Training Neurons and Validating Their Knowledge

A Knowledge Builder (KB) is an application which lets you train the neurons using annotated data sets and verify that the training is appropriate and sufficient to deliver recognition with acceptable accuracy and throughput for your application. The outputs are knowledge files which can then be loaded on systems equipped with neurons to reproduce the same recognition. Regardless of the type of data to comprehend, the Knowledge Builder features diagnostics guiding you through the process of learning for the best throughput and accuracy.


Collect data coming from your sensors and visualize for annotation


Train the neurons by showing them examples from a training set


Verify the recognition of new datasets


Export the knowledge of the neurons to the deployment platform

NeuroMem Knowledge Builder

  • Agnostic to the data type
  • Import pattern vectors with their ground truth category
  • Learn training sets and save the resulting knowledge
  • Classify testing sets and produce diagnostics

Image Knowledge Builder®

  • Manipulates image and videos files
  • Windows-based
  • Annotation editor
  • Learn annotations and save resulting knowledge
  • Search for objects or anomalies in new images
  • Save meta data, transform images and more

Image Knowledge Builder is a registered trademark of General Vision Inc.

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