nepes and GV to manufacture a new NeuroMem WCSP chip

nepes, leader in advanced semiconductor assembly and packaging technologies, and General Vision (GV), leader in the design of digital neural network and low-power AI components, have signed an agreement to develop and manufacture a new wafer chip-scale packaged (WCSP)...

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New CurieNeurons Kit from Maker Collider

Maker Collider is introducing its CurieNeurons Kit, an easy-to-use tool for makers of all levels who want to have a shot at building artificial intelligence related IoT projects. It enables users to build smart hardware capable of pattern learning and classification...

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Collaboration with Mando Hella Electronics

Mando-Hella Electronics and General Vision started a collaboration to develop applications targeted at Advanced Driver Assistance and Monitoring and relying on the NeuroMem neuromorphic technology to deploy powerful image recognition and multi-sensor pattern...

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Collaboration with Nepes

Nepes and General Vision started a collaboration to design and manufacture a new line of NeuroMem neuromorphic chips ranging from 500 neurons to several thousands neurons per chip. It is anticipated that the collaboration will go beyond dedicated NeuroMem chips and...

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