Plug NeuroShield to an Arduino or Mbed processor board and

put NeuroMem neurons at work for the Intelligence of Things.

  • Extract features or signatures from signals transmitted by the on-board Accelerameter/Gyroscope or from other Arduino shields with sensors including IMU, audio,environmental sensors, biosignal, and video
  • Neurons are ready for immediate learning and recognition
  • Recognition results are available within microseconds after the broacast of a new pattern
  • Learning can be triggered by external user inputs or done off line on previously collected data
  • Neurons can report known patterns or events, or on the contrary novelties or anomalies

Hardware Specifications

  • NM500 chip (576 neurons)
  • X03 FPGA for interconnection (Reconfigurable through Lattice programmer)
  • SD card slot to save and restore the knowledge built by the neurons, collect data, etc
  • 6-axis Motion Sensor (InvenSense PMU6050)
  • 8 LEDs indicators
  • Connectivity
    • Arduino connectors
    • USB_C connector
    • Connector to expand the NeuroMem network
  • Power source
    • Arduino/Mbed board
    • micro USB
  • Delivered with an Arduino and Mbed library and a Windows-based API
  • Read More>>NeuroShield manual

NeuroShield is a product of nepes (Korea)