NeuroMem Arduino Shields

Put neurons at work for the Intelligence of Things

Common Arduino library

  • Simple SPI interface to a NeuroMem network
  • Common test scripts and platform-specific examples
  • Read more in the NeuroMem API manual
  • Tested on BrainCard, NeuroShield and NeuroTile Arduino Shield boards
NeuroMem Arduino Library

NeuroMem Arduino Library

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  • Extract features or signatures from your sensor data (IMU, audio,environmental sensors, biosignal, video, etc)
  • Neurons are ready for immediate learning and recognition
  • Recognition results are available within microseconds after the broacast of a new pattern
  • Learning can be triggered by external user inputs or done off line on previously collected data
  • Neurons can report known patterns or events, or on the contrary novelties or anomalies.

BrainCard shield

  • NeuroMem network of 1024 neurons
  • Default configuration interface to NeuroMem network and SD card
  • Xilinx Spartan6 can be configured to acquire data directly from the on-board audio MEMs, A/D converter, GPIO lines and compatible RaspiCam module


  • NeuroMem network of 576 neurons
  • 6-axis Gyroscope & Accelerometer
  • SD card
  • Expandable with NeuroBrick stackable module (model with 576 or 1152 neurons)
  • Arduino and MBed compatibility


  • Default configuration interface to NeuroMem network
  • Access to sensors, BLE and GPIO through STM32 ARM core or Lattice FPGA
  • Expected release date early February 2018