Proven success in neuromorphic innovation and in semiconductors management

The NeuroMem® technology has been growing and improving patiently waiting for the market to be ready for its acceptance. Today, the trendy IoT and Big Data are steering the demand for high-speed, low-power pattern recognition and machine learning tools and we are ready with a commercial chip on the shelf, IP available for licensing, and the pleasure of knowing that real-time adaptive learning is the sole privilege of biology and NeuroMem.

Anne Menendez

Founder & Board Member

Anne Menendez founded General Vision (formerly named GTFS, Inc.) in 1987 to market and sell machine vision systems mostly based on the LabVIEW IMAQ Vision tools. After meeting Guy in 1997 and discovering the ZISC technology, both decided to refocus General Vision towards the design of image recognition systems based on neuromorphic hardware which lead to the development of the NeuroMem technology. Anne participated in the design and development of the NeuroMem CM1K chip. She develops the APIs and tools for the training and integration of NeuroMem hardware into image, signal and text analytics applications.

Guy Paillet

Founder & Board Member

Guy is the inventor of the ZISC (Zero Instruction Set Computer), a neural network digital chip back in 1993. He brings a long experience in semiconductors, in hard-wired artificial vision systems and in parallel pattern recognition architecture to the company. He is an “out-of-the-box” thinker and can solve complex problems related to sensing (especially vision) and artificial intelligence with elegant, yet practical solutions. Guy talent has served in several companies including Data Sud Systems (DSS), IBM, EuroPixels and General Vision Inc.

Jeff Woo

VP Engineering

Jeff Woo joined our team in 2014 but has been a long-time collaborator starting with the design of the ZiCAM, the first camera integrating a ZISC neural network chip in 1998. Jeff has over 35 years experience in hardware design for various industries from machine vision to aerospace & military systems.

JD Yoon

Executive VP, Business Development

JD joined our team in 2016 but has been a long-time collaborator promoting the use of NeuroMem in the semiconductor and wafer inspection industry. JD brings us his experience in operation, business management, sales and marketing. He served as Country manager and Asia Manager at Entegris, LAM Research, KLA Tencor and Asyst Technologies.


Marc Maman

VP Sales & Marketing

Marc joined our team in 2015 and brings us over 30 years experience in executive management, corporate strategy, and World Wide Sales. Marc served as Key Account and Distribution Director for Great China at ST Microelectronics, and later as Regional Vice President in Shangai.