General Vision is the inventor of NeuroMem®, a unique neural network architecture on silicon, trainable, scalable and low-power. It is an evolution of the Zero Instruction Set Computer chip invented by Mr. Paillet in partnership with IBM in 1993. In 2009, General Vision released the CM1K, its first NeuroMem chip featuring 1024 neurons. In 2015, Intel announced the Curie module, first third-party SOC featuring 128 NeuroMem neurons.

General Vision has been nurturing three technologies for the past 15 years:

  • NeuroMem, neuromorphic memories or digital neural network, inspired by the human brain, capable to learn and recall patterns at low power
  • CogniSight, image recognition engines, inspired by the visual cortex, taking advantage of NeuroMem networks to learn and recognize visual objects at high-speed and low-power with highly adaptive trainability. NeuroMem is a key component to deploy sensor fusion, stereoscopy, cascade, contextual classifiers and more..
  • MIPD, Monolithic Image Perception Device combining sensors and CogniSight engines into a glass substrate to produce low-cost, miniature monolithic vision modules, easy to assemble in line or grid arrays and to configure so they interact, or not, sequentially or in parallel. We also call it IntelliGlass.