General Vision is the inventor of NeuroMem®, a neural network technology on silicon and an essential enabler for practical articifial vision, but also artificial intelligence in other domains including IOT and data analytics.

  • Practical because it is both a learning and inference engine on a same chip
  • Practical because it is low-power and highly scalable

The NeuroMem chips are sucessors of the ZISC developped in 1993 by Guy Paillet, CEO and President of General Vision, and IBM France ( >>ReadMore) .

2017 has been a significant milestone for us with the creation of NeuroMem Technologies Pte Ltd in Singapore, which has the exclusive mission of licensing and further developing the NeuroMem® IP worldwide and building a rich eco-system of NeuroMem Smart chips, modules, systems, applications and services.

General Vision is now nurturing 2 NeuroMem® Smart technologies:

CogniSight, image recognition chips and modules based on NeuroMem networks and with applications in industrial and consumer cameras, stereoscopic and hyperspectral systems, DVRs, etc.

IntelliGlass, or Monolithic Image Perception Device combining CogniSight chips into a glass to produce perceptive glass modules and surfaces.