General Vision is developing the next generation of embedded artificial vision silicon chips which will allow everyday objects to have visual perception of their environment and interact with a user.

General Vision is the inventor is the NeuroMem® technology, a unique neural network architecture on silicon which is trainable, scalable and low-power. Mr. Paillet is the key inventor of NeuroMem which is an evolution of the Zero Instruction Set Computer chip he developed in partnership with IBM in 1993. In 2009, General Vision released the CM1K, its first NeuroMem chip featuring 1024 neurons. In 2015, Intel announced the Curie module, first third-party SOC featuring 128 NeuroMem neurons.

General Vision has been nurturing three technologies for the past 15 years:

  • NeuroMem, a new breed of neuromorphic memories or neural network chips, inspired by the human brain, capable of autonomous learning by example and recognition by association.
  • CogniSight, a new breed of image recognition engines inspired by the visual cortex and  benefiting from massively parallel neural network chips.
  • IntelliGlass, a new breed of intelligent glass substrate. In 2010, General Vision got the idea that integrating low-power NeuroMem chips and sensors into glass substrate could revolutionize the glass industry and in particular glass with added-value for home and building, bio-medical research and automotive. The results are numerous patents co-owned with Asahi-Glass and awaiting deployment in as many fields as possible.