Changing The Way The World Compute

with NeuroMem neural network chips

During the recent ST Developer Conference in Santa Clara, NeuroMem® Technologies,General Vision’s affiliate in charge of licensing the NeuroMem IP, launched NeuroTile, a supercharged low-power “Mobile Artificial Intelligence” module for wearables, smart home, robotics, etc. NeuroTile combines sensors, one or two NM500 neuromorphic chips, a STM32 microcontroller, a Lattice FPGA and BLE. It is pinout compatible with the Intel® TinyTile (Curie module). Read More>>

The DF Robot CurieNeurons Kit is shipping now!  The kit is designed for creating IoT projects with edge intelligence thanks to the trainable NeuroMem neurons of the Intel® Curie module. It includes all necessary tools, components and tutorials for setting up quick demos.

NM500, the latest NeuroMem® chip is coming this autumn!

New evaluation versions of the Knowledge Builder software suite


Robust AI chip, field-proven and trainable by fishermen, one of the many applications.